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We welcome you along with your family and friends for a very special event 


Mantra Concert


His Holiness Bhakti Bhringa Govinda Swami


Monday, June 06 2016

 Come and Enjoy a Blissful evening with Family and Friends


  • 6.30 PM to 8.30 PM: Devotional meditational chants with renowned Kirtan singer and Bhakti Yoga teacher B.B. Govinda Swami and his group
  • 8:30 PM onwards: FREE Vegetarian Dinner Prasadam for all

Selected Kirtans of Maharaj:



About BB Govind Swami:
Bhakti Bhringa Govinda Swami joined the Krishna consciousness movement in Buffalo, NY in 1971 and received initiation from Srila Prabhupada later that year. He served as cook and pujari in ISKCON centers in Buffalo and Toronto until leaving for Vrindavan in 1977 and from 1979 until 1987 served in ISKCON temples in Greece, Israel, Italy and France. Bhakti Bhringa Govinda Swami returned to Vrindavan In 1987 and while there established the Food For Life program. He has been an initiating spiritual master since 1992 and received sannyasa initiation in 1993. Bhakti Bhringa Govinda Swami travels to join devotees in the congregational chanting of Krishna’s names. He is known for his lively chanting and his ability to include all to participate.